As stated in the New York State Chapter Bylaws, the administration, property and activities of the State Chapter shall be managed by its Council. Councilors serve three-year terms and may be re-elected to a second consecutive term.

Councilor responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

– Councilors must attend at least one State Chapter Council meetings per year during their term of office. State Chapter Council meetings are held twice a year, at the annual State Chapter Scientific Session in the fall and at the national ACC Scientific Session in the spring.

Failure to attend at least one meeting per year during their first term of office could prevent councilors from being elected to a second term of office.

– Serving on a minimum of one State Chapter committee.

– Taking an active advocacy role, on a grassroots level, within his/her respective district both at the Federal and State level.

When requested, each councilor should arrange for meetings, in coordination with the other councilors, with his/her local representatives and arrange annual meetings to discuss advocacy issues with Congressmen, State Senators, and State Assembly Representatives.

Councilors are encouraged to attend the annual ACC legislative conference.

– Representing the State Chapter at the local level and assisting members in their respective districts.

– Assisting in the development of State Chapter policy and direction.

– Monitoring the needs of cardiologists within his/her district and communicating these needs to the Upstate and Downstate ACC Governors and the Council.

– Assisting the Upstate and Downstate ACC Governors in membership development including recruitment of qualified new members.

– Helping to recruit interested volunteers to serve on State Chapter Committees.

– Promoting State Chapter accomplishments and activities to colleagues.

– Promoting ACCPAC membership and contributions.

– Assisting the Upstate and Downstate ACC Governors in the dissemination of important, timely information.