Mentorship Program Director

Rachel-Maria Brown Talaska, MD

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Mentorship Program

As part of its commitment to foster a diverse and inclusive environment within and around the cardiovascular profession, NYACC established a Diversity & Inclusion (“D&I”) Task Force in 2019. The D&I Task Force is aimed at ensuring New York’s cardiology professionals are championed —regardless of race, ethnicity, cultural background, language proficiency, literacy, age, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, disability or socioeconomic status. After much reflection, the Task Force noticed that an area lacking support at many institutions was mentorship, so in 2020, they launched the Mentorship Program for residents, hospitalists and FITs to be paired up with more seasoned cardiologists in an effort to build stronger pipelines into the cardiovascular profession.

Matches are made in the following areas:

  1. Content, which includes guidance in scholarly projects, research productivity, academic resume building; and
  2. Career/Process, which includes guidance in career navigation, coaching, socio-academic support, gender-based career advancement advising.

With this program we hope to attract and retain talented cardiologists who may otherwise choose another field of study.


There is a huge range of personal development benefits that mentors gain from the experience. Register below to become a mentor today!


Mentorship has the power to accelerate our career progression, self-development and overall confidence. Being a mentee has innumerable positive impacts, which include: career development; enhancing job performance; learning from other’s experiences; and so many more.

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Matches are made throughout the year and is based off of mentor availability. While matches are being made, we encourage you to attend the quarterly Mentorship Seminars.

For questions about the mentorship program, contact us at [email protected]