The 47th Annual Arvilla Berger Lecture with Dr. John D. Bisognano, MD, PhD, FACC

The New York Cardiological Society, Inc.; the New York State Chapter, American College of Cardiology; and the New York Cardiac Center; along with the University of Rochester Department of Medicine Grand Rounds; hosted the 47th Annual Arvilla Berger Lecture, titled “Hypertension 2020: Complacency, Inaction, and Missed Opportunities,” on April 28, 2020. 


Despite nearly 75 years of effort, hypertension treatment rates are poor relative to other diseases for which we have a wealth of therapeutic options. A focus will be made on proper blood pressure measurement techniques, noting that blood pressure measurement is often taken in a slipshod fashion in many clinical settings, and such inaccurate readings are the basis of many critical clinical judgments. This sloppiness in measurement drives unnecessary side-effects as well as under-treatment.

The importance of detecting masked and white-coat hypertension is discussed as well as the importance of patient engagement and expectations. The talk focuses on the patient with resistant and refractory hypertension, including patients with transient spikes of blood pressure in the hospital or with true hypertensive emergencies. Finally, there is a focus on future therapies and how they may revolutionize blood pressure management in the next decade.

Learning objectives:

  • To explain why basing important clinical therapies on inaccurate blood pressure measurement can be harmful to patients
  • To list approaches to patients with resistant and refractory hypertension
  • To describe investigational therapies for hypertension that are both physiologic and behavioral
  • To identify the environmental factors associated with hypertension and the negative environmental effect of in-person office visits

Lecturer — John D. Bisognano, MD, PhD, FACC