(Originally published June 29, 2017, on ACC.com)

New York WIC Chapter Holds Inaugural Event

Last December, the Women in Cardiology (WIC) Section of ACC’s New York Chapter kicked off in true New York style with a cocktail reception at Flûte, a lounge in Midtown Manhattan. As the home of the first cardiological society in the country and the birthplace of the ACC, NY has a rich history of pioneering networks for cardiologists. Now it joins a growing number of WIC state sections that are innovating ways to create meaningful networks for women at the local level.

The WIC Section of ACC’s NY Chapter was organized by the group chair, Smadar Kort, MD, FACC, director of noninvasive cardiac imaging at Stony Brook University Hospital and the first woman to represent NY on ACC’s Board of Governors as its downstate governor. She recruited a committee of women who collaborate in setting the course of the Chapter’s section and planning activities. The WIC Section of the NY Chapter aims to be as inclusive as possible and welcomes women in the neighboring states of Connecticut and New Jersey. It will also hold events in upstate NY to make them more accessible to women who live far from New York City.

The inaugural event at Flûte attracted a larger crowd of women than anticipated. The group, predominantly comprising trainees and early-career cardiologists, was eager to discuss new ideas with new faces. Over the course of just a few hours, the attendees were learning from each other and guiding one another.

The interactions led to a variety of animated discussions on subjects, including skiing, living in New York, getting ahead in the field and how to balance a cardiology career with motherhood. Some provided insights about career paths that fellows previously had little exposure to. For example, those from community practices added perspectives that are infrequently encountered in academic settings.

Overall, the event was an enjoyable evening of getting to know others in the field. The fact that all those in attendance were women served to enhance the comfort level and widen the breadth of topics discussed.

Several business cards were exchanged, holding the promise that friendships and mentoring relationships would emerge from this event. Given the value of the reception, we anticipate even greater success with future NY WIC activities, which will include panel discussions and the creation of a mentoring network. To the more established female cardiologists out there – we hope that you will be involved in these future activities. There are plenty of emerging female cardiologists who would love to meet you!

If you would like to join the New York WIC mailing list, please email: [[email protected]]

* The above article was originally published on ACC.org

This article was authored by Jenine John, MD, a Fellow in Training (FIT) at Stony Brook University Hospital.