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Coding Initiatives of the Month
Helps Providers Better Document Conditions and Care

The New York State Chapter, ACC is committed to assist its members prepare for value based purchasing (VBP). In order to achieve this, the New York State Chapter has partnered with the University of Rochester Medical Center and has licensed the intellectual property to a series of Documentation Improvement Tips for Physicians and Medical Professionals developed by the chief documentation officer at the medical center. Each week a new Tip will be added to this website.

Poor Nutritional Status
Present On Admission (POA) Conditions
Present On Admission (POA) IV Line or Port
Present On Admission (POA) Pressure Ulcers

Twenty of the fifty-two documentation tips are cardiology specific. The remainder pertains to many other common documentation scenarios which members will encounter both in the hospital, as well as in their office. At first glance you will almost certainly be drawn to the cardiology specific tips, but please consider reviewing all of the tips. Members consult and attend on many medically complex patients and understanding these major documentation concerns will be tremendously useful. Members will be building an accurate profile of the care which they deliver, from which CMS will assess their cost effectiveness. Accurate documentation improves hospital reimbursement and provides CMS with essential data on which they base many of their reimbursement decisions.

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Additional chart clarification tips may be accessed by clicking:

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