Dietary and Lifestyle Strategies for Cardiovascular Risk Reduction

Location: NYU Langone Health, 550 First Avenue, Alumni Hall, New York, NY 10001

This half-day course focuses on strategies to reduce risk for cardiovascular disease and related comorbidities through lifestyle and dietary approaches. The course will provide evidence for the association between diet and cardiovascular disease highlighting new clinical and scientific data. Attendees will be instructed on alternative approaches to discussing diet, exercise, and weight that take into account the issue of weight stigma and optimize patient engagement. The course will review the latest data on the relationship between the consumption of processed food and cardiometabolic outcomes. Expert faculty will share medical knowledge and the latest studies in areas of nutrition controversy including the consumption of coffee and chocolate. Attendees will understand and appreciate the impact of exercise on immune function. Clinicians will be educated on conditions and treatments that impact cardiovascular risk including; diseases of the thyroid, rheumatological conditions, cancer, and certain cancer therapies and hormonal therapies in women and men. The course will review current and emerging anti-aging strategies and help separate fact from fiction. The keynote lecture will provide updates on the scientific understanding of the connection between the human microbiome and cardiovascular disease. This annual course provides attendees with the latest information to help their patients achieve optimal health through exercise, diet, and integrative medicine strategies.

This course will be offered both in-person and live-streamed online.

What: Dietary and Lifestyle Strategies for Cardiovascular Risk Reduction
NYU Langone Health
550 First Avenue, Alumni Hall
New York, NY 10001
When: October 14, 2022, 7:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
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